Monday, April 10, 2006

ready to go!

OK! I'm all set up. As soon as that bitch starts barking tonight in the middle of the night all I gotta do is go out and turn the water on. The hose is aiming right about where she always stands to bark. I had to go back out last night. She's really pissin' me off!! Her bark is high pitched and schrill and you can hear it from blocks away. I'm 'bout sick 'o her shit!..but I can't kick her! Like The Great One said...."One day!! To the moon!!!"
I think the OakTeam is playin' at a sandwich shop on Friday, last I heard. From 7pm to 9pm come on over to Sadlack's on Hansbrough Street in Raleigh. We'll be rockin' that bitch right wide-ass open!!!! Then we might eat a sammich!

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