Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Ya know bloggin' seems really stupid sometimes. I put myself out there and say whatever's on my mind and people get to experience what a real dumbass that I really am. But that's cool. That's all part of it, the good with the bad. I don't blog sometimes cuz, really, my life is just as boring as the next guy's..there's nothing to tell! There's the occasional record release (or RE-release!! like today!!) and great gigs to talk about but the rest of the time I'm bustin' ass 9 to 5 like everybody else.
But I really DO love to write. I've been told that I should spend the time that I blog on writing more songs. Well yeah...maybe...but in my view writing is writing (even though the songs may last longer than the blogs). Yeah, I've said some stupid shit in my blogs but that's not unlike in my every day conversation or Emails. What you read is what you get! I'll probably quit bloggin' when I quit writing.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the blogging. You've got fans out here who live for it. I've got a boring ass job programming computers at a shitty university (Yeah you got it right in the You Don't Like Me liner notes/artwork!). Starting every morning, coffee in one hand, glazed jumbo honeybun in the other, reading about the shit you're going through keeps me sane. Often it's truly entertaining. It's one of my little joys in life...along with, did I already mention, that Mrs. Freshly's Glazed Jumbo Honeybun..Are ye scared yet? OK there are other things that keep me going. Gotta say Hansbrough staying is going to provide quite a few big joys next b-ball season! Glad to see you're a fan.

Anyway, to quote, who was it? Jim Valvano? Keep on keeping on dude.

Shit, does this mean there isn't going to be another blog tomorrow morning?$#!

p.s what re-release?

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
don´t worry; as long as you go on rocking in such a wonderful way instead of selling shoes, we will not call you Al Bundy... ;-)

TA said...

thanks fer the love guys! The re-release I'm refering to is the Burnside Distribution release of the OakTeam record. They fiddin' to put it in the stores!

semaler said...

Terry, I love your blog... keep it up!

By the way, just ordered one of those remaining "What else can go right" CDs. I have all your other solo CDs and they ROCK. Oh, and congratulations for "Put The Hammer Down"... no matter what I do this one just can't get out of my CD player... you're a damn fine songwriter!