Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Imminent Failure!

Our computer has been showing a warning every time we've been going on it saying..IMMINENT FAILURE!! We called our dude and he says.."Is it grinding or smoking?" "Well, naw it ain't doing dat!" we says and he says "well, that's good"
So it may or may not blow up in the middle of this blog. But anyway, the house I'm working on is another rental and this one might very well out-nasty any of the other rentals that I've done. I couldn't even eat my lunch in there it was so gross. So I walk outside yesterday trying to get away from the stinch and as I take a bite I look up and sitting on a wire in front of me was a bird with his ass pointed towards me taking a shit! Come on! I'm just trying to get my lunch down SOMEWHERE! and get back to work. Anyone with a weaker stomach would have gone hungry! Ya ever have one of those kinda "Can't win for losing" days? Well, that was one of'm.

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