Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Uptown Girl"

I wanted to stab my head with an icepick today. Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" was in there and I wanted that son-of-a-bitch to get out ASAP! I couldn't figger out how it got in there though! Why would that piece of shit sink into MY head and then manifest itself in the relentless manner that it did? And then I remembered, two days
ago I was in the Bunn Food Lion grocery store (which hasn't failed to dissappoint me in almost every way since it's opening) and that bitch came on. What do you do in a case like that? Do you just leave your cart full of groceries that you've worked so hard to find and pick through just because one of your most hated songs comes over the store speakers? Sure, I could see that happening. But I decided to tough it out by humming one of my own songs in my head. Well, obviously it didn't work. I guess it seeped in somehow, and then today, out of the blue it ATTACKED!! I was forced to find a radio and listen to sports talk. After a while it went away.
I spent most of the day yesterday under-cover..or should I say under covERS! Whatever Will had, he gave to the rest of us. I felt like ASS! I tried to work but I soon got the shivers and went straight home to hide. After sleeping most of the day, I woke up just long enough to eat some miso soup and go back to bed until this morning. I NEVER get sick, so when I do it's really BAD! I was mo betta today....well... except for that whole "Uptown Girl" thing!


rolinstnz said...

Hope you get to feelin' better soon. That damn uptown girl has got to be the worst song in BJ's entire crappy catalog. If someone wrote that shit about me, I'd publicly humiliate them by crashing my chopper with my lover too.....Uptown Girl's vengeance!!
Diggin' the new Yayhoos cd, there is hope for the world after all.

Ace said...

The uptown girl video is leathal since BJ used his ex-wife Christy Brinkly in it. I love the video and Christy. You aint go nothing to feel bad about. Christy Rocks.

Anonymous said...

Try and get this one out of your head!

Listen boy, it's good information
From a man who's made mistakes
Just a word or two that she gets from you
Could be the difference that it makes
She's a trusting soul, she's put her trust in you
But a girl like that won't tell you what you should do

Tell her about it, tell her everything you feel
Give her every reason to accept that you're for real
Tell her about it, tell her all your crazy dreams
Let her know you need her, let her know how much she means

Tell her about it
Tell her how you feel right now
Tell her about it
The girl don't want to wait too long
You got to tell her about it
Tell her now and you won't go wrong
You got to tell her about it
Before it gets too late
You got to tell her about it
You know the girl don't want to wait
You got to tell her about it

Wornoutmorgan said...

Hey there TA

best way I've found to deal with the real sappy crap that gets stuck, is to have Jerry Lee Lewis play them when they come on in that tortured mental juke box of yours. That way, they almost sound like a cool old country song, and even if they don't there's a kind of Jerry lLee syle evil about the whole thing - in your case you'll feel certain that that uptown girl is gonna get dumped pretty soon, possibly after he steals her liver.

Yr welcome, Morgan.

Tom M said...

Anthony's suggestion is pretty good. Mine is simpler: when a crappy tune gets stuck in your head, think of the guitar riff for "Down on the Corner" by CCR. It's great and it is a foolproof musical palatte cleanser. Yes, you will have that guitar riff stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but that's a damn sight better than anything by Billy Joel. Except for maybe "The Longest Time," which I like in spite of myself and its creator.