Thursday, April 20, 2006


OK, since I have a medical condition that makes me go into convultions and seizures whenever I listen to music on the radio I sometimes listen to sports talk while I'm working. Unfortunately though, lately the talk has gone from my favorite sport, college basketball to my least favorite, hockey. Now, I grew up in North Carolina so we didn't get much hockey around here back in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and I wouldn't know a power play goal if it bit me on the ass! But's "Now on the show is EJ Raddick to talk some hockey with us", "Let's talk now to John Forsland, the play by play announcer for the Carolina Hurricanes", "and now here he is...Chuck Kaiton to talk a little hockey with us" Hockey, hockey, hockey! All hockey, all the much hockey talk my head's fittin' to blow up! I finally couldn't take it any more and turned the radio off and turned the TV on. It was the local news, "OK let's go to Chris with sports, what's going on Chris?" "Well guys, the Stanley Cup playoffs begin this weekend and the Carolina Hurricanes begin their run against the Monteal Canadiens...." Aaaagh! Screw it! I'm oooot!


Anonymous said...

I think the worst part of all the hockey talk is that it makes me feel like Northerns are taking over Raleigh. Otherwise it wouldn't irritate me so much. It's really not that bad a game to watch. Some years back I was going out with a young lady from MN and she convinced me to go to the Dorton Arena to see a game. I think it was when we had a lower level team here in Raleigh. Anyway, it really wasn't bad. At one point a couple guys got in a fight. One dude was able to get his opponents helmet off and his shirt pulled over his head so he couldn't see to fight back. Then he pummelled the guy for several minutes while everyone else either beat on each other or tried to break it up. In the end they had to bring a crew out to scrape all the blood off the ice and then they carted away the loser in an ambulance. It really gave me a new appreciation for hockey, although I've never made it back to another game. It sure beats the hell out of soccer! But I agree, it's annoying as hell having to put up with all the hockey talk around here. Makes you want to take a stick and beat someone over the head, or at least makes you want to introduce these folks to a real sport like BBall.

TA said...

yeah, I actually went to one of those games too. It wasn't that bad. But you're right, it's not the game it's the talk. And what kills me is that all the hockey people talk in the same mono-tone voices. Ya ever noticed that? Puts me right to sleep!

Ace said...

Hey T,

I sit 4 rows in front of Neil Young at the Shark Tank. When we have beers in the lounge, all he wants to talk about is why the power play aint workin.

Go Sharks eh?