Friday, April 21, 2006


Hello friends of Terry! This is his son Will. I have got big things ahead of me and need and want your help. This summer July 9th my friends and church colleagues will be leaving on a missions trip to Ecuador in South America. There is a great need in the city of Guyaquil and our youth group is doing missions in the childrens department. However, the cost is great. The money for each person to go is 1400. 550 is needed on monday and I have close to nothing. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated and is accepted. Through this experience I will see many things outside of this country that I could not see here and it will greatly change my life. I respect every decision and if you cannot give it is ok, But please if you could I will really really appreciate anything. If you can give please email me back on my email at If you are gonna write a check, please make it out to New Hope Worship Center. The mailing address here is, P.O Box 642 Bunn, NC 27508. I know the money might not make it by Monday but we have another 550 due very soon too. And the other money will pay for my passport. Thank you guys so much and you guys will be blessed with everything you give.

God Bless,

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