Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stones in Rio

Imagine a six lane interstate highway, one mile long, packed full of people. Now imagine a rock and roll band playing in front of that crowd. That's the spectacle that I witnessed last night. Now, I've seen and been a part of a rather huge crowd in Denmark about 10 years ago when The Yayhoos played the Roskilde festival. Our little 'ol circus tent only held about 10,000 but after our show we went over to where Neil Young was playing to be a part of about 90,000! Roscoe and I had passes so were we allowed to get in the light tower above everyone. We had a bird's eye view of all the bonfires and flag waving and watched the sun slowly touch the horizon before heading right back up again. Right damn magical it was! But I digress. What I was trying to get to was that this crowd in Rio last night was about 3 times that size!
The show was a bit predictable. It wasn't much different from the show I saw in Durham. But the camera allowed me to see between the wrinkles in their faces. Letting me notice that Ronnie Wood was about to fall asleep. That must have been why he was sliding up to B-flat and then to A-flat when the damn song was in the key of A! The song "Rough Justice" lived up to it's name...ROUGH! The camera also let me see Mick's chiseled Abs. Grrrr...! At one point he pulled his shirt up to show off that he, at 62 or what ever he is, was in better shape than 95% of any guys half of his age! That's just sick..and really pisses me off!..cuz now I gotta get back to work. I've gotta at least get to the point where I'm not embarrased to wear a bathing suit this summer. But anyway, all in all, I'm glad I went to the Stones worldwide simulcast. It was a good 'ol time. I especially loved Ronnie constantly sticking his tongue out at Mick whenever he turned his back on him. That's what I love about them. They are still all like a bunch of third graders!

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Tom M said...

Mick's got a lot more time to devote to his abs than most of us poor schlubs do. You'd be in that good shape too if you had a personal trainer and 6 hours a day to work out. And he still looks like Barney Fife. With abs, that is.