Wednesday, March 08, 2006

school spirits

I hated my high school years worse than any other part of my life. I mean, never have I felt so outta place. I wasn't always the handsome young man I am now so I didn't have a lot of friends. I was mostly just hanging out with David Enloe (Woods-mate) and that damn nut Bill Reeves. The three of us also had a friend that we called "Hawk". One year Hawk ran for school president on the "The art room needs new paint brushes platform". Bill got in a lot of trouble for letting Hawk wear his marching band uniform when he got up there and made his stupid-ass speach in front of the whole school. Anyway, almost every day David and I would go over to Karen Crawford's house (actually, I would drive that Caddy on the back of my second record!) and drink a bottle of Boone's Farm for lunch while we listened to Frank Zappa. I would always go back to school and pass out during Geometry. I think I got the lowest "F" ever given to anyone in a North Carolina High Scool. I should'a got a "D" for DRUNK! One day we went on a field trip to the Raleigh sewage system, we stopped on the way (cuz we got to drive separate for some reason) and killed a bottle of Boone's Farm on the way there. Hell, every chance we got we'd drink at school. I killed 3 Schlitz's before getting on the bus one morning. I told ya I hated high school! Anything to kill the pain.

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