Monday, March 06, 2006


We left (Grace, Nathan and I) last Thursday night to go to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. Will came down later with his church group. I had painting work (a LOT of it!) to do and I figgered it would be a good opportunity to take the family outta town. I took my guitar but I had so much to do that I never pulled it outta the bag. I did get the chance to throw some baseball with Nathan out on the beach and a few other of them vacation type things but for the most part I was going up and down the ladder. And let me say I really appreciated some old bitch from Harnette county coming in after I had busted my ass all day on Friday and trying to get me to change the color..which I had absolutely nothing to do with! The paint was there when I got there. If I ever wanted to hit a "lady" it was then. After it was all done, of course it looked great anyway.
Saturday night was wonderful. Grace went and got fresh scallops and shrimp and cooked a great pasta seafood dinner. We had a few bottles of wine and watched Carolina put the hammer down on Duke. What could be better?!
Speaking of Hillbillies..The Yayhoos are putting together a little run through the South at the beginning of May so look out Atlanta, B'Ham, Chattahoochie and Nashville!

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