Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm outta here...

OK kids, 8am EST Wed. mornin' I'm rockin' down the highway! Looking forward to hanging with all my friends in Austin and meeting our new distributor dudes. Walter Clevenger and The Dairy Kings are allowing me to share one of their hotel rooms and that should be a hoot! Them boys like to drink. My kinda people! Last time I saw them, Henry (their bass player) had to drive me and Grace back to our hotel in Raleigh as I threw up down the side of my Beemer. Good Times, Good times! In the words of my hero, Keith Christopher "I didn't feel very good alot" the next day. Also looking forward to catching up with Big Al at some point, I know he's playing Friday night. Like Luther Vandrose said..."I'm 'ol beee there!"
My friend, Brad Rice called and gave me his new number. He lives down there now. He's playing with Son Volt now as well as Tift last I heard. He's a rockin' mutha! Love that guy! We had so much fun on the Backsliders tour in '98!
John Agee sent me his number. I'm gonna call him Thursday night when I get there. Looking forward to meeting him. He sent me some cool Faces stuff!
Tres Chicas (Caitlin and her bunch!) are playing about 9 times down there and I plan on seeing a few of those shows. Big Daddy Dave from the OakTeam also plays with them. Guess I should bring my ball glove, so me and him can throw some ball at some point.
All I know is that I'll be away from painting for 6 days and that's all that matters to me! I'll be driving four outta those 6 days. But what the hell! It's worth it. Plus, I'll get some time alone to think about a few songs that are rolling around in my head. I'll try to check in. Forgive me if I don't, we'll catch up when I get back. Peace!

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