Thursday, February 09, 2006

I've got a loooong....

…day ahead of me. After packing and running errands around Raleigh I’m meetin’ up them boys and we’re headed out again for another Ass-Kickin’ Road Party (also referred to as a “tour” in some circles). This time we roll south. The first show is in Wilmington, NC tonight with the Raleigh Rock Contingent, it’s Greg’s band, The Cartridge Family, Patty Hurst Shifter and then us. Several Raleigh stalwarts are threatening to call in sick tomorrow so they can show up tonight. Wilmington is just a 90 minute ride (going 100 mph!) from Raleigh. Next, we hit Myrtle Beach. I know it’s February but hell it’s a Friday night, MAYBE somebody will show up. We’re really looking forward to Macon. We’ve heard great things about the club and they’ve talked real nice to us over the phone …so it could be cool. I just can’t wait to cross the Otis Redding Memorial Bridge again. But I really hope it goes better than the last time we crossed it. A cop stopped us last time and we wuz all drunk as hell and had to pee really bad. He finally let us go…as in leave, not pee.
How about them Grammy’s huh? I flipped through during commercials of the basketball game and wuz totally bored to tears. Paul, you look good for your age but man! just stand there when you sing (and quite well I might add)! Just being Paul. I guess that’s enough for some folks. That “Tribute” to Sly and The Family Stone was more like a roasting! Brutal! Broooo-TALL!! Who was that bitch that kept going “huh!” loud as hell between every line she “sang”? It was like she had a hairball or something. And Sly, bless his heart…. He done got a little chubby and covered it up the best he could. The two foot tall bright yellow Mohawk was a distraction from his belly, I think. He left early while the band played on, probably in disgust!

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