Tuesday, January 24, 2006

robbie fulks

I got a real nice note from Robbie Fulks today sayin' how much he loved the record and shit. I told him "thank ya" and said that it made me feel good to get a note like that from him and that I might even keep doing this for another day or two now. He axed if I remembered him. (You know he's up from around my way..Oxford or Creedmore or some damn where) I says to him "How could I forget you! You 'bout killed me that night in Hollywood!"
What that was about was during his show out there he jumped down on the dancefloor and started gettin' down. Well I hopped out there with him and for about 32 bars of that song we looked like we was on "Dancin' wif the Stars". At some point, (at the end I'm sure..I can imagine continuing afterwards) he took me and flipped me over his back. As drunk as I was I miraculously landed on my feet. The crowd was in shock. As was I. I know what it felt like and would have loved to have seen what it looked like. Hilarious, I'm sure. He's a good 'ol boy, that Robbie. Y'all like him? I like him.

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Tom said...

That's high praise coming from Robbie, seeing as he's, what, 6 foot 7? Robbie can flat out write and play--you guys should form a supergroup! He grew up in Creedmoor, BTW.