Tuesday, January 31, 2006

minitour overview

If I see one more damn biscuit or slice of pizza I’m gonna fight somebody. They ‘bout had to pry me out of the van when we got home. Usually the clubs fed us at the gigs so having to choose from the bar food menu was often a disappointment although it was free and saved us time having to hunt down something healthier. Food aside though, we sure did have us a good ‘ol time ridin’ around in the van this weekend.
We basically didn’t stop laughin’ from the beginning to the end of the “Half-Cousins/Unleash the Panther/Biscuits and Pizza Tour”. There were a couple of times when I REALLY wanted to fight somebody though, like when that bum in Lexington asked me for a dollar. I told him he better get his ass up the road! Another bum in Knoxville approached and said “Excuse me”. I said “What’d you do, fart?” He just turned around. Somehow I just lost my patience for bums this weekend and I guess it was because we ran into so many of’m playin’ mostly in downtown clubs. They kept tryin’ to sell us cigarettes they had stolen or just get some free money for a 40 ounce. God bless’m..there but for the grace of God go I.
Speaking of God, much of the laughter was at his expense. Well, you know those billboards of his? We came up with a few of our own and for fear of being struck down I’m not gonna repeat any of’m.
On the first night we had a bit of a scare. Something shook loose in Dave’s amp on the mountainous ride up to Charleston. He pulled the back off and fixed it though..with my help of course. (I held the screws.) Some dude at the club said to somebody else..”I ain’t heard music this good since “Battleship Chains”. The other dude said “yeah, he wrote that too!” True story, small world. My other favorite quote from the weekend came from Ron at the club in Wapakoneta…”There ain’t but two rock and roll bands left in the world, and you’re in both of’m!” Man! That guy makes a hell of a pizza too! The waitress (who wouldn’t shut-up about Motley Crue) said her neighbor got cut off from Ron’s pizza delivery cuz he came down there and bitched about how long it was taking. I told her “Yeah, I know..I was there that night (about 3 years ago) with my other band, The Yayhoos . Ron grabbed the guy by the back of the neck and threw his ass out!”. That was kinda weird that she brought that up, huh?
Somewhere along the way to Lexington Greg mentioned something about a bum that approached him and said, “Can I ask you a question…gimme a dollar.” So after that it was on. Everything was “Can I ask you a question?”, followed by a statement..NOT a question. The most popular being “Can ask you a question? Go to hell!” I used that one at the club that night on our dear friend, Scott Luallen from 9 Pound Hammer. I hope we didn’t hurt his feelings.
Patrick Sullivan’s in Knoxville was a cool club. Over 100 years old, it used to be a bordello so you could see on the walls where the rooms divided. All brick on the inside, perfect for shooting a video which is what we did. That should be fun putting that together.
We had so much fun I think we’re gonna do it again. Feb.9-11 we’re headed to Wilmington, Myrtle Beach and Macon. I can’t say enough about how pro these guys are. They show up on time and rock like hell! I’ve sent out Emails and made phone calls all day trying to get us to Europe and trying to go more west in the US.
Hold on we’re coming!!

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suppose you could try for a Canadian date? Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal maybe?