Monday, January 30, 2006

Knoxville then home...

Knoxville is alright ya know..even though the few people that showed up to last night's gig were from Atlanta..there were a couple of Knoxville stallwarts in attendance though. One, a very drunk and very funny Scott Miller from The Commonwealth/V-Roys fame ("If I'd a known you were comin' Id'a baked you a cake!"), Tim Lee (who Jack and I were on MTV with once!) and his lovely wife Susan were also there. Some guy I was supposed to know, JD Morris? Does that sound right? I'm gonna be embarrassed when I hear his music, I'm sure. Whew! I'm glad I don't get that drunk anymore! That dude was toe' down!! Before the gig we shot some video of us playing to the CD track of "Thunderbird" in hopes that we could piece together a video of the song. On the way outta town we stopped at a BP station and scared a late night cashier as we shot more video of me coming in and looking for a bottle. Damn it! They didn't carry it!
The show was tight, b/t/w.

More pix and ignunce later!!...I'm JUST getting back home.

PS-Thanks to everyone in the OakTeam especially Big Daddy Dave (he worked his ass off!) for making this weekend happen. Them sumbitches ROCK!..and I ain't lying! Paul Friedrich was also much appreciated for running the store! ..and very successfully I might add!

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Ace said...

Ah man, theys a place in Knoxville called "Wright's Cafeteria". Makes the best damn fried Okra in da south.