Sunday, January 29, 2006


After suffering through the waitress at Bob Evans who insisted on telling us about how much she LOVES Motley Crue and how Kiss played at her husband's Hyundai plant for their family fun day, we kicked it down I-75 to Lexington. The in-store was scheduled for 4 o'clock but the directions we got kept trying to send us down one way streets so it was more like 4:30 before we got our rock on down there. It went well. The store owner said we had the best mix of any band that had come in for that type of thing. Got to the club and I couldn't believe what they had done to the place since I had played there last...for the worst! Cement floors, took out the ceilings and added a bunch of TV's and pool tables, sounded like crap!..and dass putting it nicely. I can't tell you how thankful I was for those in-ear monitors again! I would have NO voice right now if not for those things. The show was a sure enuff throw down and we actually had a few dancers get up and get crazy..doing splits and shit. Much love and thanks go out to Mr. Johnny Evans who put this show together and paid for our hotel rooms out of his own pocket. He loves us that much. And he was front and center rockin' with the rest of'm. We've been gettin' some good footage of the shows so we'll put that up somewhere soon. I give ya the link. On the homefront, we were nominated for best record in the Triangle yet we are still getting Emails from the other nominees asking us to vote for them. Hey Dumbasses!! We're in this race too! Although I could give a shit if we win or not. What's that gotta do with the Billboard charts?

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