Thursday, January 12, 2006

1/22 & John Hiatt

Well, we drank ourselves into the Pour House again. This time it's for Tommy Swinney's birhtday party. The old boy looks good for 80! And he's still going out rockin' and drankin' all night, hungover as hell the next morning (afternoon!) at Waffle House and all without the aid of a walker or a cane. Hang in there, Tommy! Weez right behind ya!
Opening the show will be our friend, Jeffery Dean (NOT Jimmie Dean!) Foster and his band. He's good y'all, so get there early! Joe Swank is also on the bill and starts about 6pm. Speakin' of hillbillies!!..and openers..
My friend Mark Trude reminded me of the time the Yayhoos (Who's new record is mixed and ready for cover art! Woo Hoo!) opened for John Hiatt in Springfield, MO. The Woods had already opened for him twice so I knew there might be a problem. (He did a 3 hour soundcheck both times right up to when the doors opened and made us set our gear up in front of a packed house..nice!) When he found out that The Yayhoos were a rock and roll steamroller that was sure to kick his ass he put the clampdown on it. "Nope! They ain't doin' it unless they play acoustic". Well, we didn't have any acoustic guitars and wouldn't have played like that anyway. So back and forth we went right up to showtime and he still was fightin' it tooth and nail. Finally, he gave in and said we could play but we could only have four mics. Four mics? OK, so we put one in the kick drum (my snare NEVER needs one anyway!), two up front for Roscoe and Dan's vocals and one for my vocal. We turned the amps to eleven and then proceeded to kick his ass anyway! You know you can't stop the ROCK! Dude has some intense insecurity issues! Oh and by the way, if you don't think he's the best songwriter ever...just ask him!


Jay said...

That John Hiatt guy... I sure love that old J-45 he has. He also has a cool voice for sure. Now if he only stopped rippin' off Springsteen, Petty and Dylan once for all..

Anonymous said...

Hey Ho, Jim from Indiany. Just wondering, has John Hiatt embarked on the nationwide Holiday Inn tour yet?? KEEP IT CRANKED T.A YOU THE SHIT!!!!!

Tom said...

Always suspected the guy was an a-hole. Never got the fascination with his songwriting, either; what I hear in his stuff are some good ideas but usually pretty poorly developed. I think he's lazy--once he finds a hook, he pretty much writes on automatic pilot. Maybe that's why he's such an insecure dickwad--deep down he knows how overrated he is. Just one man's opinion, is all.

TA said...

Damn, for a second there I thought Tom was talkin' about me! My response was gonna be "Damn! It's like he really knows me!" :-)