Friday, December 30, 2005


Being on the wagon is great. You feel great, your bones and muscles don't ache as much, you sleep better and you're pretty much ready to rock at the drop of a hat. Your mind is sharper and in my case I remember lyrics that I usually forget. Ask anyone who was at my recent birthday gig, it was awesome. I could'a played another hour and a half, and that was after the 35 songs we had already done. So there's really nothing bad about being on the wagon. Well...except you can't drink!
Most of the time while on the wagon I don't miss it, I get used to it and sometimes even forget that I DO love my wines! Well, I found one yesterday that's gonna be hard to forget. The flavor and value are hard to pass up. My usual favorite $10 wines are thing of the past because now I know about RIPASSOS.
For a measly 1 or 2 dollars more I can get a ripasso that is unbelievable! Ripassos are wines made from Valpolicella grapes. The juice is then poured into the hulls of Amarone grapes. If you remember me talking about Amarone you'll remember that it is my favorite wine and that it is basically a wine that is made from raisins. Well ripassos give you that flavor and that full body without the price. Amarones are usually $40-$70 a bottle, and in the words of Hall and Ass "I Can't Go For That"!
Ripassos are about $11-$15 a bottle and if you're on the wagon most of the week it's a hell of a treat waiting for you when you DO feel a drunk comin' on!

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