Thursday, December 29, 2005

MazzMusika review

Een olympische discipline die wellicht nooit zal opgenomen worden in het programma: de hoogst moeilijke kunst van het simpele pubrocken. Terry, die z’n sporen al zo’n drie decennia lang verdient in verschillende bands met als meest recente de Yayhoos, breit met ongehoord gemak cd’tjes (You Don’t Like Me / East Side Digital ‘5; What Else Can Go Right / East Side Digital ’96; I’ll Drink To That / Not Lame ’01 – recensie in RTM 15) die het midden houden tussen de Engelse kant van Rockpile en z’n uitlopers Lowe en Edmunds, en aan de Amerikaanse kant van NRBQ en de Georgia Satellites. Geen wonder dus dat die andere Yayhoo Dan Baird (die trouwens internationaal scoorde met Terry’s I Love You, Period!), naast Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel, een gitaartje mee komt steken op Purple GTO. Terry trekt z’n bierblikje open met de wreed onstuimige rocker Can’t Get The One You Want die vlot de benen onderuit haalt, waarna You Know Me (vette blazers) komt aandraven met een schokkende groove die de heupen spontaan doet stuiptrekken. Sunday Dress is iets minder energiek maar de gitaren staan wel op scherp. Hi ’n Dry is een cocktail met loodzware tic, de gitaren staan als houten hamers achter de deur en de piano levert de finale trap. Raindrops (schitterende lap steel van Larry Hutcherson), Inez en Thunderbird lijken wel weggelopen uit het verzamelde werk van Lowe, Costello en Squeeze, en voor de country rocker $ 100 A Week zou de huidige Dave Edmunds wel een paar belangrijke ledematen over hebben. Vooraleer er wordt afgesloten via het lichtelijk tipsy Rehab met o.a. Caitlin Cary op de viool, krijgen we nog een paar hoogst aanstekelijke rockers zoals Feel A Drunk Comin’ On, Gityoassupda Road (nog maar eens die vette blazers!) en Check Please, dat nog maar eens duidelijk maakt waar de punk z’n energie vandaan haalde… de pub natuurlijk. Voor het adje van Terry’s e-mail adres staat ‘terryandersonrocks’… dat noem ik een redelijk bescheiden PR. Veel passender is ‘terryandersonpubrocks’, dat staat bij de echte liefhebbers toch nog altijd een paar barkrukken hoger. Holadiyayhoo, gityoass kicked and party into the new year! (MN)


Terry Anderson is the greatest songwriter that ever lived. Not only is his work with the world famous and equally awesome Yayhoos beyond compare, but all of his solo records are better than anything else that has ever been released! This one is no different from the rest. He's got a little help from not only his Ass Kicking bandmates but also from Yayhoos, Roscoe Ambel and Dan Baird.
"Can't git the one you want" starts things off with Terry on every instrument beatin' and a bangin' and yellin' his head off about some stupid shit. Then, what should be the first single "You Know Me" kicks the record into high gear. It's followed by your Mama's favorite song on the record, "Sunday Dress", second single. "Hi and Dry" rocks like ASS! Turn this bitch up! "Raindrops" is the perfect song. Beautiful melody with beautiful hamonies, and the lyrics don't suck like a Mariah Carey song would. "Purple GTO" makes no sense at all which is what is great about it. I mean how did he get the GTO? I guess only Terry will know the answer to THAT! Ha Ha Ha Ha!
"$100 a week" is a classic in every sense of the word. Dave Edmunds wishes he could write like this! The Louvin Brothers would'a been proud to smash a mandolin during this one! "Inez", pop masterpiece, nuff said. "Feel a Drunk Comin' On" has a singing dog on it but who cares, it rocks! "Gityoassupda Road" is the song ya wanna sing in traffic, it's the one you wanna SCREAM in traffic! "Check Please" is the best Replacements song they never wrote! Followed by the third single, "Thunderbird", the bridge on this sucka KILLS! And ya can't stop singin' the damn thing! "Rehab" has Walter Clevenger and his bunch and Caitlin Cary on it (and you know damn well she can flat sang)! Great sing along!
So if you ain't ordered this bitch by now, gityoassupda internet and buy it! @:

DO it! Damn it!


Anonymous said...

First of all a Happy and Helathy New Year from Gerben!
I like your translation, Terry. Here's mine:

An olympic discipline that will probably never make it to the Games is the hard art of simple pubrocking. Terry, who has won his spurs for some three decades in various bands, most recent in The Yayhoos, makes his cd’s (You Don’t Like Me / East Side Digital ‘5; What Else Can Go Right / East Side Digital ’96; I’ll Drink To That / Not Lame ’01 – reviewed in in RTM 15) with incredible ease. They are somewhere in between the English side of Rockpile with its exponents Lowe and Edmunds, and at the American side NRBQ and the Georgia Satellites. No surprise that the other Yayhoo Dan Baird (who had an international hit with Terry’s ‘I Love You Period’), alongside Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel, plays along on ‘Purple GTO’. Terry opens his can of beer with the turbulent rocker ‘Can’t Get The One You Want’, which knocks you off your feet, and then ‘You Know Me’, (heavy horns!), which makes your hips twitch by a shocking groove. ‘Sunday Dress’ is a litlle less energetic, but those guitars sure are armed. ‘Hi ’n Dry’ is a cocktail with a heavy shot, the guitars are behind the door with wooden hammers and the piano gives a final kick. ‘Raindrops’ (beautiful lap steel by Larry Hutcherson), ‘Inez’ and ‘Thunderbird’ sound as if they came from the collected works of Lowe, Costello and Squeeze, while the current Dave Edmunds would give som important limbs for the country rocker ‘$ 100 A Week’. Before the album closes with the slightly drunk ‘Rehab’ with a.o. Caitlin Cary on violin, we get some infectuous rockers like ‘Feel A Drunk Comin’ On’, ‘Gityoassupda Road’ (again some heavy horns!) and ‘Check Please’, which makes clear where punk got it’s energy – from the pub, of course! Terrys e-mail addy starts with ‘terryandersonrocks’… which I call fairly modest PR. More appropriate would be ‘terryandersonpubrocks’, which ranks a couple of barstools higher for the real devotees. Holadiyayhoo, gityoass kicked and party into the new year! (MN)

Anonymous said...

And by the way, of course 'Helathy' is Dutch for financial success, musical creativity and great sex!
Cheers, Gerben