Friday, December 16, 2005

The votes are in!

The all important elections in Iraq have us all glued to the TV awaiting the results to see who is gonna be the leader of this new democracy. Well, I've just found out..and this is a WHASSUPTA exclusive!....the winner is....
write-in candidate, SADDAM HUSSEIN! Uuugh!
After hours of electro shocks, arm twisting, blindfolded genital beatings and having to sit in the same room for hours and talk to John McCain, President Bush finally agreed to the new non-torture act.
That lady threw her baby out of the window of a burning building? How the hell did she get out?

I was watching (for about 4 to 5 seconds) el-TON John's TV special the other night and realized that if his fatass can sit there and sing those songs and entertain the people then I can sit behind the drums and do the same. At least my arm are flailing. Hell, his fatass little fingers are the only thing that can really move on him and you can't see them from the balcony!
Of course, he does dress stupider than I do..(up for debate!)

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