Saturday, December 17, 2005

DVD show..

Well everyone keeps Emailing me with their "sorry i wasn't there, how was it?" bullshit! Well here's how it went down..I wore stripped pants with my polka dotted "measles" shirt and my church hat. Jack wore his red shirt with black leather pants, Scotty Miller wore a cool-green colored bowling shirt that once belonged to "Nat". Greg Rice "Valedictorian" wore..whatever and Dave B. actually wore a collar up on his shirt!..which was still black of course....and if anyone cares about how we sounded...We ain't called THE OLYMPIC ASS-KICKIN' TEAM fer nuthin'!!!!!


rolinstnz said...

Friggin' awesome show! Our asses were kicked as promised.

Anonymous said...

I don't have to apoligize because I was dancin' my ass off.JL.

Dixie said...

My ass and the rest of me were duly kicked as well. I'm trying to spread the gospel of the OAK Team in my little corner of NC.