Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Scandinavian love


Hi there,

Now some words from Sweden (we don´t have any polar bears). It´s a very good record that I bought from a store (not in Sweden) on the web. I don´t know why Swedish record stores doesn´t have this record. I´m a very big fan of you and your music and this new record is damn good. Many of my friends scream and yell "Rock´n´roll" when they listen to the record at my home. It´s a really good party record. Thanks again for keeping rock´n´roll alive.
P.S. I like beer from Poland and Denmark D.S.
Best Regards,
Jens Pettersson from Sweden


Hi Terry

I got The OAK-team a week ago, and yes.. it is my kind of music, I’ve been listening constantly (just a few exceptions with Yayhoos and DB, I figure you can forgive). It’s a perfect album, the music is just great , you do kick ass, and your lyrics are in the top league. All song are so great that it’s getting hard finding favourites, but “Feel a’ drunk” “GTO” “Gityoass..” and Raindrops, and you know me, you see it’s building up, they are all great. I mailing with Dave from Indoor Storm about buying the Bonus and “I’ll Drink to that”, hope it’ll be soon. So please Terry : GITYOASSOVERHERE to little ol’ Denmark, the beers are chilled, we’re relaxed and we love rock like it’s meant to be. Hope you’ll get here in 2006, either with Yayhoos or OAK-team, I’ll be there. Anyway have a nice Xmas and a happy new year.
Take care and keep smiling,
Hans Wincent

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