Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Figure skating

I came across figure skating last night as I was looking for something to watch while we put up the tree and placed all of the stupid little ornaments (like Catwoman, a boat, and Mark McGwire hitting a baseball..huh? Whass that stuff gotta do with Christmas?..thass what I love about'm!) in just the right spot. I was trying to figger out why women loved figure skating so much. I used to think it was the beauty of the sport. The flowing bodies in motion together perfectly choreographed and executed as rehearsed. I used to think women were watching that stuff wishing they could do that stuff and especially with that dude! But after thinking about it I really think they watch figure skating for the same reasons that dudes watch NASCAR. Yup! Waiting for the wreck! They really just wanna see that girl BUST... HER... ASS!..and go sliding in embarrassment across the ice.
It really is a lot like NASCAR. They just go round and round weaving in and out and then somebody makes a wrong move and BAMM! Back to the pits, baby! You're done for the day! So next time figure skating comes on call a couple of good 'ol boys, get a case of Bud and turn it up!..and wait for the wreck! Same thing! Except the music usually doesn't rock quite as much!


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