Friday, December 09, 2005


It's been one of those kinda days and I wasn't really looking where I was going and foot slipped and I fell off the wagon. It happens. From about lunchtime on I really felt a drunk comin' on. My everything hurts, had to do it!
I was tired in the first place from the awesome OakTeam rehearsal last night. We blasted through about 23 songs at breakneck speed and it was pretty unbelieveable. Hittin' on ALL cylinders! Hope our next gig is that good.
By the way that's at The Cat's Cradle next Friday, the 16th. My Christmas/ Birthday party is on duhhh!!! Christmas night! Then in Janurary we have the mini tour..WV/OH/KY/TN..check the website for dates.
Looking forward to hearing new mixes of new songs on The NEW Yayhoos record!! Roscoe is working hard today finalizing the record. I can't imagine them sounding better than the mixes I already have. Him and Timbo are masters!

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