Saturday, December 24, 2005

Chistmas wishes

Though I realize that Santa Claus isn't God, these are my Christmas wishes for the the near future and coming year. Of course, the health and safety of my family, friends and fans would be 1 through 10 but if I had a magic wand....

10-The Redskins would pound the Giants like they did the
Cowboys and make the playoffs.
9-Big Al and I would finally do a rockin' ass record together
called "Little T&A".
8-I would write another great song like "All Dressed Up".
7-My blog would be picked up in syndication and I'm payed
$1000 a week to do it, so that Grace could quit work.
6-Glaxon and Spruce would run away never to be seen or
heard from again.
5-The Yayhoos record would come out and kick the whole
world's ass and we have to go to Australia and Japan.
4-The OakTeam would go to Europe and kick their asses
and Jack would shutup about going to SPAIN!
3-New Orleans would be rebuilt.
2-Bush would quit and run home to Mommy, George Washington.
1-Every one of you would have a wonderful, safe and rockin' Christmas! (hopefully AT my brithday party!)

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