Wednesday, November 16, 2005

today in Nashville

Today in Nashville there were about 300 people from outta town thinking that they had THE next big hit as they walked from one publisher's office to another, trying to get an appointment. And who knows, they may HAVE had the next big hit but good luck getting anyone to hear it. Granted, most of'm are hacks..schoolteachers and firemen that think they have the "gift". Careful what you ask for.
I was "lucky". I didn't have to do that. I got my foot in the door with the mention of 2 songs. Of course, they were "Battleship Chains" and "I Love you Period". I got my chance and didn't take advantage of it. Mostly because I got in there and said "Oh shit! What have I done? This is a JOB!..a fuckin' J.O.B!" I wasn't having a damn bit of fun TRYING to write songs. Meeting with someone in an office, showing them an idea. A sample response would be: "Well in Country music the girl can't be the bad seed, not coming from the guys might get away with that in Rock and Roll but you can't do that here. It's always the dude that is the dumbass piece o' shit". OK cool, y'all keep y'all's little rules of the game cuz I'm gonna go back to doing what I do. And if I wanna say "Kiss my ass" in a song I fuckin' will! That was so liberating when I did that that a buttload of songs soon followed (ie. "I'll Drink to That!") and when the songs came I was ready for them and ready to give them the TA signature..dumb but FUN!
But Nashville don't want that. They want you to write some tearjerker stool sample with this other shitty "writer" (who happened to get lucky enough to be sitting in the room while another aweful hit was written and got his name on the credits) so that they can spend $2000 doing a demo so they can play it for a producer who'll listen (songs are NOT bought by the way...labels and producers can put a "HOLD" on a song so it won't continue to be shopped by the publishers) to their load of..."well we think this one we would be great for Trisha". And all the while, the producer is sitting there saying to himself "My God! I can't believe how much this song SUCKS!!..but it's better than that turd I had to sit through this morning over at BRAND X Publishing so I guess I better put a hold on it." The results Ladies and Gents is SHIT RADIO! Let writers write, don't MAKE them!

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