Tuesday, November 15, 2005

road house 2

My Mom used to love her some Patrick Swayze. I think she watched "Dirty Dancing" no less than 50 times and "Road House" about 30 times. I couldn't make it through either one of'm frankly but I bet she sure would be proud to know her son had a song on the new "Road House 2" DVD. Bloodshot is licensing my song, "Hunt you Down" from The Yayhoos record to the producers of this brand new blockbuster! I just hope it's blasting during a fight scene or something cool like that. Can't wait.
Spent most of the weekend auditioning to become president of the white tequila fan club. I'm bound to qualify after Saturday night. The fog is just now lifting from my brain. Jack and my friends, Larry and Ryan stopped by on Sunday for a wine tastin'. I threw a slab of salmon on the grill along with a grillbasket full of colored peppers, onions and garlic. We threw that stuff in some wheat tortillas with some Jasmine lime rice and Cuban black beans on the side. Good God Almighty! Grace made a key lime pie and we ate that as we watched the Redskins get screwed out of another victory.
Dave is working all the angles trying to get the OakTeam on the road in January. We'll get those dates up on the website as soon as they ALL are confirmed.

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