Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Let me git this straight!

So... when ya say ya ain't drankin'..does that mean, like NOTHIN'!!!!!! Like..not a frickin' DROP!!! Is y'all CRAZY!! Hmmmmm.....I might have to rethink this one. It's been 11 days now and I'm startin' wonder what I've gotten myself into. To quote myself if I may...."right now I'm really needin' me a glass of that juice! I feel a drunk comin' on!"
I'll be fine, I'll make it, but damn! I have TWO, count'em.. 2, (too, to, II, tu, tew!) bottles of 2001 Corison from Napa, a $75 per bottle value!, just sittin' there in my closet waiting to be poured into my brand new never before used decanter and soon thereafter down my throat! Looks like the next chance for that happening will be my birthday, Christmas, but more likely the night before since I have to play my party that night and I have looooong quit drinking on gig day due to having waaaaay too many lyrics to remember. That being said, here are some days that I won't be able to drink anyway!...

December 16th Carboro, NC Cat's Cradle
Christmas Day @ The Pour House as mentioned above
January 22nd Raleigh, NC, Pour House...shhh!!
January 26th Charleston, SC, The Empty Glass w/ Watershed
January 27th Wapakoneta, OH, Rt. 33 Rhythm and Brews
January 28th Lexington, KY, High Life Lounge
January 29th Knoxville, TN or Nashville, TN TBA
February 10th Myrtle Beach, The Social
February 11th Macon, GA: The Hummingbird


David said...

Still waiting for you guys to come over to Holland to rock us all here! By the way, on dec 14 Marah will play in The Pour House. I just saw them play, and men, do they rock. So Terry, you might like em. Check em out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,
What's the peckin order for the Cradle show on the 16th? I'm guessing Shalini opens, kick the Future next with you guys closing the show. Can you confirm?

Tim in Lizard Lick