Monday, October 24, 2005

Lowe Profile

Got this from Walter Clevenger today. He doing a Nick Lowe Tribute called "Lowe Profile". The Oakteam's contribution is "You Got the Look I Like" from PARTY OF ONE.

Hey everybody,

Well I'm happy to say, all of our hard work has paid off. The Nick Lowe tribute arrived safely at my doorstep today. It looks and sounds incredible! Again, I can't tell you all how happy I am with everyone's work. I think you will all be blown away with the end result.
Feel free to start spreading the word about the big release date on 11/8/05 (add info to your website, send out emails, etc). If you have any contacts in the press you'd like me to send a copy to, please send me their info and I'll be sure they get a copy to review. The release is being distributed through Burnside Distribution and will be available at most online retailers (not lame, miles of music, village records, kool kat musik, amazon, barnes & nobel, etc) as well as your finer brick and mortar record stores. You can refer people to the Brewery Records website for more info on the tribute ( There are also sound clips of all 30 tracks on the website!


...There ya go! Should be really cool.

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