Thursday, September 15, 2005


Y'all excuse my lack of blogging lately. I'm working at home today and have just gotten too busy to stop. I hate painting for these people, they don't pay worth a damn, the house is wreck and I gotta move everything by myself!
I just got tired of this white and figgered I better take a day or two off and get me some color back up in here! The ceilings are now a beautiful shade of aqua. So what goes great with aqua? I know! SHIT BROWN! Yup, I've been wanting me a brown room since I did one for this girl a couple of months back. Makes are the reds, purples, bright blues and greens really just jump off the wall. It's cool, but really more like the color of a coffee bean than anything.
I think we got some cool gigs coming up. Ya all know about the CD release party on the 24th and the Katrina relief benefit (that's as The Woods) on the 25th but it also looks like we might be playing on the 7th of Oct. with either Foghat (Yeah!) or Aaron Tippin (Boooooo!). We'll see about that one. Also in October, it's looking like it's back to Lexington, KY on the 15th. Then in December, we're trying to get some gigs with our pals, Watershed, up in Ohio for a long weekend. Of course, I will keep you posted. OK, let me get back to work.
Oh...I just looked at that color again, I think I need to go to the bathroom!

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