Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Dad

My Dad is damn nut. Not many people can say that their Dad is one of their best friends but I can. We've always hung out and played golf together and have a great relationship. He even gave me my start in music business. I played drums in his band, The Wake County Ramblers at age 12. Before that he put me on stage in front of about 1400 people to slap the belt and whistle on "Mule Skinner Blues" at a fiddlers convention in Liberty, NC. He won 2nd place electric guitar at the world famous Union Grove Fiddler's Convention. Here's some other little tidbits about him...He drove a jeep for a high ranking Colonel in the Korean war. He was a feared fast pitch softball pitcher for 25 years and had wicked Greg Maddox type stuff, like a sinker ball that fell straight down at the plate. He was a painting contractor and made a bunch 'o money painting schools around the Raleigh area. He wrote songs too. He's got one called "I'm not a city boy, not by a country mile!". He let us invade his house for a week to write and record the first Yayhoos record. I'm sure many of you would wanna shake his hand for that! A girl at Hardee's once told him to "have a good one", he said, "Hell, I got a good one!" Once when the lawn mower wouldn't crank, he gave up and pushed the mower over the whole yard anyway making the motor sound with his mouth. Then when he was finished he swung it around like a helicopter and let it fly off into the woods. My Aunt Bertha was laughing so hard, said she "would'a laughed, even if that thing would'a hit her!" One Saturday he and I went to play golf with some higher-ups in the school system and he hit his first drive outta bounds left, mulligan outta bounds left, then his fairway shot outta bounds left so he picked up the BOTTOM of his bag, and again in helicopter fashion, swung it around and around until all of the clubs were out. This was the first hole! I think the stress of work and having two crazy kids was getting to him. Believe me I know how he feels. He's still going strong at 77, so who knows what he'll do next. He's a good'ern! I think we'll keep him!


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