Tuesday, August 02, 2005

leave me alone!

I was singing a little melody last week as I was driving up the road to look at another painting job. It was catchy as hell and kinda reminded me of something from an early Stones record like "12 X5" or "December's Children". So I rolled it around in my head for a little while until I got to the lady's house, where my mind trailed away from the melody and concentrated on the job I had to do. When I left her house the song was gone. I couldn't remember it to save my life! So for a couple of days I let it go thinking something that "hooky" would grab me again oneday. Well it did. First, on Sunday afternoon as again I was in my car. Off and on, all day it would be blasting in my brain, rockin' like hell. I couldn't turn it off! When I went to bed that night it took a while to nod off because of it. I finally fell asleep and then about 3 or 4 hours later in the middle of the night there it was again. It's like someone reaching over tapping me on the shoulder and turning on a radio. Uuughh! I'm trying get some sleep here! Can I write you tommorrow? This is something that happens quite a lot actually, some people call it a gift. Sometimes though, it's more of a curse! Those damn songs just won't leave me alone until I write them. Little bastards!


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