Thursday, August 25, 2005

green day cont'd.

Of the the hook! Sorry, but they were. These guys put on a show of mammoth proportions. Bombs, flame throwers, water cannons, and that was just in the first 30 minutes! An hour and a half later the fun was still going on. They got members of the audience to come up to play their parts while they took a "break". But ya can't really call anything Billy Joe did a "break" cuz he never stopped running. It was non-stop energy all night from everyone on stage.
Let's see, besides all of their hits there was the crazy hat song that went into a rockin' ass version of "Shout". Billy Ray went to the floor and someone brought out the cape a la James Brown on that one. We were close enough to the stage that when 'ol Billy Bob came over and mooned us we could see the zit on his ass. That's when ya really DON'T want good seats! Being that close to the pyro was worrisome also. I'm feeling a bit sunburned from the flame throwers this morning and the bombs that went off all night (almost always a suprise) made be a bit jumpy.
They finished the night with "We are the Champions", complete version, and it was note for note perfect (ya gotta respect that), and then finally with their hit "Time of our Lives" (I guess that's the name of it).
We DID have the time of our lives and my son got a pair of Zeb's (sorry forgot the drummer's name) sticks and his buddy got one Billy Clyde's guitar picks.
..all I got was ROCKED!
Many thanks to Greg Howard for making it happen!

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