Sunday, August 28, 2005

I have a dream

Friends, I come to you this morning with a dream, a dream of a day when drummers are treated equally. I dream of a day when drummers are treated as musicians and hi-hat stands are treated as musical instruments and not just noise makers. I dream of the drummer getting a mike and a monitor that is as good as the guys up front and maybe even BE up front or at least in the middle of the front line. I want a day to come when there are lights that are actually focused on the drummer! Imagine that! And I want it to be OK if the drummer sings and does interviews. I want a day when the drummer jokes aren’t funny (that one will never happen!). Drummers rights! Drummers unite! Sing with me now…”We shall over..come…We shall…” Sorry, got carried away there for a minute.

Went to see Watershed at The Pour House last night. They rock like hell! They are from Columbus, OH. We talked about maybe doing some shows with them in early December up that way. Check out their new record "The Fifth of July". Very Cheap Trick!

Keep an eye on the website this week, pre-sales for the new OakTeam record could start as early as tomorrow (Monday)! Be first in line, and make sure you get your free bonus disc!

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