Saturday, September 24, 2011

chitlins anyone?

Today I had the pleasure of eating at Barbara's Lovin' Spoonfuls Restaurant in the nearby community of Margaret. My son Will was playing with a group called The Barnes Project. They are a gospel bunch with three of the best singers you'll ever wanna hear. Since it was a restaurant gig in the middle of the day there was no need for their drummer. Will had his guitar hooked up to some kind of sampler doo-hickey and started a beat sample on his guitar to sing and play to. With Andrew on bass, just the 5 of them made a beautiful uplifting and joyful noise. While we were waiting for them to start, Grace and I had a fish dinner with boiled potatoes, slaw and hushpuppies. It did NOT suck. In fact it was so good, I gave Miss Barbara a motto for her place "when you eat here you're family...the broom is in the closet!" No wonder they were celebrating Barbara's second year in business. Now if I make it out for some chitlins next Thursday, I'll report back...

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