Saturday, August 20, 2011

TMI chorus

Songs are persistent. They'll bug you for years! Such was the case with the chorus to "Too Much Information", first song on the next record due out November. That little guy would come over and knock on the door to my brain nearly once a week for about 5 years. "hey! Can the verses come out and play today? Are you ready to turn me into a real song yet?" " TMI chorus! They are not ready to play yet...they may NEVER come out to put that in your pipe and smoke it!" TMI chorus would turn around, bottom lip out and slowly walk away. Of course, I was hoping to turn TMI chorus into a real song but there was no rush and plus, other choruses were coming over too, like the chorus and first two verses of "Gambled and Lost". "I'm your Radio" had been knockin' since 2002!
So when Jack said we needed songs for the next record I finally gave in and played with TMI chorus and the others and we had a great time! Now they are all complete and playing together on "MORE SMOOTH JAZZ AND SWEET SWEET JAMS" and they look and sound so happy. Now, what to do about these other guys that keep coming over!?


jayway said...

open the door... let 'im in!

coachmcarthy said...

I am looking forward to the new record in November. I need more TA songs in my head!