Sunday, January 02, 2011

day of surprises

Woke up today, which was good, all yawning and shit, not much in my head. The biggest chore on my mind for the day was picking up (usually) small twigs from the pruning of my Japanese maples that I finished doing yesterday! Pondering the impending diet, I had a small apple for breakfast, fuji. I walked around in circles for about an hour until my cell phone beeped. Jack: "Wanna see the Heels play today?"
Me: shit yeah!  Jack: Meet me here @ 2. I did and we went to Chapel Hill forthwith. A dicey parking spot and long walk (w/ 5 yr. old escort) later we hand our tickets to the lovely Hawaiian girl who scans'm and hands'm back. The game started as usual, numbers at zero and getting larger. The Heels were in a deep hole..3 points down after 3 minutes of play! Oh Shit! Then they blew they asses out, game over. TarHeels win by almost fifty. Good times good times!
Well, except at halftime when the old guy was in the bathroom peeing with his pants around his ankles, that was NOT "good times good times" right there! After the game Jack and I went to (our friend) D.R.'s place in CH.Hill, The Drunken Mule. Some girl with a hot pink wig walked over and kissed me on the mouth as I sat down with my beer. "Hello!" "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" she said robotically. Evidently, it was her birthday and we were on her list of things to do. Next on the list "Someone has to skip throughout the place with her". "He's your man" I said pointing at Jack. He obliged. The guys next to us were annoyed by them. "Kiss me and go way!" they seemed to say. (she did NOT look bad!...btw!) They were watching the Cowboys play football. Poor souls! We had finished our second beers when we stood up and bid no one adue, we got in the car and sped towards Whole Foods in Raleigh. Jack wanted tuna and I was in desperate need of tofu (my, things go backwards sometimes!). I bagged his groceries and we headed out. Got to Jack's place and he gave me an extra "Exile" super duper re-release box set extravaganza thingy. I thanked him and fled. Getting close to 8pm, it was reaching the bewitching hour before it was too late to open my wine. Stopped for $10 gas on #3, when I listened to pleasantries between pumps. After all the sweet talk, dude cranks up to leave and sceamo death metal fills the air at the Bunn Hess station. Home in time! Salad+tofu+wine. I never know what's coming next, but thank the Lord for old dudes with their pants down, surprise birthday kisses, and late birthday gifts!

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Video from McCamy House Party on Dec. 30. Taken with i-touch. Not bad.