Sunday, January 09, 2011

Bands as places

As my young son so astutely points out, bands named after PLACES absolutely do suck. But what he says that is so mind blowing is that the BIGGER the place they're named after, the MORE they suck! Take Europe for example, or how about ASIA! Now they both blow chunks! But let's explore the rest of the list. Alabama sucks, but they've had a bunch of hits on Country radio which is somewhat excusable if you like that sort of thing. Kansas, well they suck, but at least you can laugh at some of their songs. Boston is smaller than Asia, and I would agree that they might suck less. Chicago, heeew boy!..OK, moving on. America is NOT my favorite either! Toto, on the merits of their song, Africa can be thrown in the mix, just because #1 they suck and #2 they have a SONG about a place. Rascal Flatts, now they suck like all get out, it's in Oklahoma. Black Oak Arkansas definitely sucked. Egypt is a band, they HAD to suck cuz I never really heard of'm! Ya know, all this really tells me is that our first manager must not have thought a lot of us, cause he wanted to name us CAROLINA!

written with the help of Nathan A.


Nate said...


Mike Elliott said...

Fascinating theory, and I'll throw ATLANTA into the mix, a sorta "Alabama-lite" that had a hit or two in the mid '80s, one being, and I kid you not, "Wishful Drinkin'!"

There was also JAPAN, a metal band from...well, goes without saying.

Does rapper FLO-RIDA count?

Nah, I've found nothing to debunk your theory.

Chris said...

Aww. No love for Black Oak Arkansas?

And what about the Georgia Satellites? Way to bite the hand that feeds you!

TA said...

Thought of this too, Mike, just too many sucky bands!

TA said...

The state of Georgia does NOT have satellites. Not a real place!