Monday, December 27, 2010

who dvd

Do you ever wanna put out a dvd that makes your fans hate you? I think maybe...NOT! As one who believes in first impressions, that's a little bit the way I'm feeling after watching the first hour of the Who dvd "The Who: Maximum R&B". We (Santa) gave it to Nathan for Christmas and it's, well...embarrassingly bad! The singing is especially awful. Granted, a lot of it is live. SO! If you're releasing it, it shouldn't suck, should it? Even Keith Moon, a lifelong hero of mine is suspect of talent. Watching him play made me wanna find one of those "isolated tracks" websites and see what he really sounded like solo. Pete is Pete, he's not a great singer (nor am I! so shut up!), but he plays fine. Entwistle is prolly the best of the bunch. Roger, as Pete puts it, "loses" in every one of their nightly competitions. One thing it DOES do is it makes me feel even better about our power trio performances. Shit! From what I've seen so far on this thing, at least I wouldn't wanna be turning us OFF! It was honestly putting me to sleep. Had to stop it and go outside in the cold to wake myself up! I guess we'll put it back on just before bedtime! Hate to say it, but at one point in my day today, I hated The Who!


Carina said...

How touching. You made me shed a tear.

eddie said...

seems like it should still be too soon after that godawful superbowl halftime appearance for anyone to be thinking about wantin any Who video. try the dvd from my morning jacket, or the ween in chicago one... i dig those