Sunday, December 26, 2010

10th annual birthday party!

Oooh Lawd, I was ill as a snake yesterday afternoon, and on my birthday no less! All indications were heavy snowfall was on the way and I had a gig forty minutes away. I did NOT wanna chance gettin stuck in that crap and slipping and slidin all the way home at 2 in the morning. As fun as I knew the gig the would be, the drive was worrying me. I DID wanna play, especially after watching a Led Zepplin DVD that afternoon. I wanted to get on stage be "John Bunn-ham" for a while. That boy's an inspiration to me! Finally, it was decided that yes, the gig would go on. Good thing too, as we all brought the Rock. Evidently, Jack and Dave watched the same DVD because they played inspired too. I wonder if maybe it was their super gear set ups though.
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Jack brought both Hiwatt heads, both Boogie 15" cabs WITH his regular basspod setup while Dave had his Line 6 Flextone 3 teamed with a Marshall head and cab rig, why not, right? Let's be The Who for a night. Greg was MIA, so at that point we become a power trio. We did "Nothing on You", one of my favs from the second record plus 5 of the new ones mingled with many other of our "Hits". The crowd was light but many more than I expected given the forecast. They were great too and really enjoyed another stupid addition to our shenanigans, the iPad sythn. Beside the floor tom on a music stand, I had my iPad hooked into the PA with a direct box. My kids had downloaded the MorphWiz app into it earlier that day. It simulates a Moog sythn and makes quite an awesomely stupid fuss. So whenever I had a free hand I'd reach over and try to find a note to play. I think the funniest part was how badly I was failing in that quest. The noises were cool though. Hell, what you expect? I just got it that day!
All in all, my 10th annual birthday party was a huge success and I didn't feel so bitchy once it was all over with..AND the drive home wasn't even that bad. It was still too warm for the roads to be icy so I made it back just before the big snow came. Woke up this morning to TEN inches! Thank you, Lawd for letting us get our Rock on!

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