Sunday, August 29, 2010

the torment

“Well that was a pretty ‘asshole’ thing to say” I told myself out loud. I was describing to my wife about my attitude towards the NEW music channels on the XM radio someone gave me when I uttered “If I wanted to hear a song like that, I’d write it!” Now that sounds like I’m saying that I’m the only person in the world qualified to write a song that I can listen to. That’s hardly the case. It’s just that my head is (and has been for a long while) always wrapped around writing the perfect song. I listen to those channels and hear great songs but I have a hard time just listening and ENJOYING the music. I have to break down what they SHOULD have done! “Oh that song’s too long! Why didn’t they go to the “5” there?! Blah blah blah!” It drives me crazy sometimes. That’s why I mostly listen to the old stuff when I DO listen to music. I know where the songs are going and it’s all alright. The classics in my mind are etched in stone and flawless. I mean what would you change about “Behind Blue Eyes” or “Midnight Rambler” or “Crosstown Traffic”? But at the same time I can’t listen to the oldies for very long either. For the same reasons I love them (I know where they are going), I also dread them. So I’m kinda in a damned if I do and damned if I don’t situation with popular music in general. When I hear the new ones I wanna change them and when I hear the old ones I’m tired of them. I think I’ll just keep writing my own and let other people tell ME what I should have done…or maybe I’ll write a classic one day!


Anonymous said...

the Bleeding Hearts seem to be releasing tunes that can put the dance in your pants if'n you ask me

Anonymous said...

You've already written some classics in my book!

Anonymous said...

you sound like an old fart to me.