Tuesday, May 18, 2010

new Exile

Just outta Junior High School I was heavily influenced by the likes of bands like Mountain, Humble Pie, Grand Funk and dare I say…Black Sabbath. So I was a little pissed off at one David Enloe when he told me that I HAD to buy the new Stones record “Exile on Main Street”. It was $7.99 (afterall, it was a DOUBLE album!) and my mom worked at Arlens, the department store that had it. I asked for my allowance early so that I could get it. “Wait a minute, this sucks!” I remember thinking upon first listen. “Keep listening!” he told me. After about the third time, something clicked…ding ding ding! “Shit-a-mighty! This is rockin’!!” And when it kicked in…it kicked hard! This was not unlike every other Stones record after it for me. I never got them on first listen. I was always like “whaaaa?”… and once the melody stuck in my head I couldn’t get it out. I couldn’t help but think about David while I listened to the extra tracks from the newly released version. He would probably tell me “Keep listening”.


Anonymous said...

I must admit that listening to National Champions worked the same for me too...1st time you think WTF, 2nd time its different and from there on it keeps rocking like crazy. Thats the way it works for all the great records. Congrats Terry !
cheers, Roland, Holland

roscoe said...

Let me know how you do with the extra tracks.......:)