Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I see light!

Hey! Hey! HEEEEEYYYYYY!!! I see something! It’s a…a….light!! Albeit dim, it IS a LIGHT! Jesus! God Almighty!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I’ve been in a tunnel of brutal, challenging work for over three months now. I’ve been the sole painter and design consultant on a million$ plus remodel on a house since the 5th of February and I’m just days away from finishing the bitch up. I can actually go somewhere ELSE next week and work for a while! WOOHOO! The worst part of staying somewhere for that long is that it wears on you, not only physically but mentally. I would just come home every night and drink away the pain of working so hard, the saving grace being the Monday or Friday nights that we worked on the record. It was like having a JOB or something! I was soooo tired when I came home I had no interest in anything but sitting my ass down and doing nothing…no blog…no Email…nuthin’!! Hell, I was so in a daze yesterday that I drank fabric softener, nasty…plastic tasting… fabric softener! I had brought it from home in a water bottle to mix with hot water to take wallpaper down with…you can guess the rest of the story. I reached for my water…
Like I said, it’s been a 3 month beat down but I’m starting to see some light!!!


Anonymous said...

It was like having a JOB or something!


Anonymous said...

-but I bet your tongue is now free of static and remarkably

This just can't end well.


Anonymous said...

Terry, thought you might enjoy this....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSoZUzMJ7DY