Thursday, March 04, 2010

pain in my heart

Strange days up in here. The OakTeam did an amazin’ feat, entertainin’ the folks for the benefit of the artists at ArtSpace…and without the services of our chick magnet, Greg Rice. We’ve looked forward to this one since last Thanksgiving as a matter of fact. The rest of the three of us carried on like a hockey team (and I’m embarrassed to know this) scoring on defense on a powerplay. BoooYaaaah!! I DO know hockey! (kinda) Anyway that gig was stupid fun. Three boxes (to set monitors on) on the front of the stage told me that we needed to represent! yo. We asked for the topless go-go girls but gave in and did it ourselves.
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Not topless mind you but rockin “Gityoassup the Road” three piece and leaving the stage bald. Other highlights included leaving the 1st set with “Pow’ful Merka” and beginning the next set with “Nervous Around Pretty Girls”, a song I wrote for the next record but MAY be included in a movie soon (Thank You Marshall C.!!). We noticed the presence of more than few AARP members out there from the beginning and decided to “EASE” them into the rock. One by one they jumped to the dancefloor, threw their canes down, squirmed out of their wheelchairs and commenced to boogie. Jack, a friend and me had a poo-poo platter afterwards. Did some work on the record on Sunday. Jack and I both do our best singing the day after a gig so we fell in to see what would happen. Good things, eventually. Monday was a kooky crappy day as I may have overdone it the night before. Showed up at Jack’s that afternoon to sing a bit more. Uh oh! Hope I haven’t written a record that I can’t sing LIVE! Well, when have I written one that I COULD? Hah HAAAAahhhhHHH!! OK, so anyway I’m beating around the bush like an unfaithful husband (sorry Tiger!) about what is REALLY on my mind. Tuesday morning at 12:20am my friend died. She was a DEAR friend. And not only to me, to everyone she ever met. Kay Nunnery was a friend from the good ‘ol days, when Cat’s Cradle was on Rosemary and probably when Kevin (understandably) first fell in love with her. Her and David had a flirt but she ended up with the right guy FOR sure! She was there for David tho’, and many others that were hurting. You could tell she really cared about David. She would go in to work an hour late everyday that he was in hospice. She made a big difference in his comfort there. And she was determined that David know God before he left this planet. She could see inside of him that he had a good heart but a lost soul. She only saw good in people, reminding me SO much of my Grandma. She was someone you suspected of never cussing. She was always there too whenever my son, Will was asking for financial help to get to Ecuador. She gave GENEROUSLY and never asked for even a picture of the trip. She believed in him and his spirit. She saw his glow. We saw her glow too, the lucky ones who knew her. Her passing this week leaves me speechless. 47 years old, lung cancer , never smoked, awesome husband and young son. My heart is as heavy as it’s been in since I lost my Mom. Love you, Kay.
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Carina said...

Terry, I didn't read this until tonight, after I saw you. Had I known I would have told you how sorry I was for your loss, and given you and even bigger hug. So sorry.