Sunday, February 14, 2010

still at it!!

I was excited to learn last Monday night that Big Daddy Dave would be joining Jack and I in our efforts to continue to put together The OakTeam’s next chapter in Rock History. Not long after I got there Dave walks in with 4 guitars in tow. At first plug in, getting sounds was a bit frustrating but finding just the right guitar was the cure. He worked hard laying down loud McInturf (guitar) love on “Just Ridin’ Around” and followed that with some Tele solo stuff and then some acoustics on “Little 318”, using capo to get different inversions of the chords. To hear him tell it, he really sucks at guitar but I will always contend that he’s one of my favorites, mostly because he is melodic as opposed flashy in his approach. Roscoe and Dan are like that too. Would it be too corny to say that they all know how to make the guitar SING with emotion? Let it be corny then. When Friday rolled around there was the threat of snow but we had a few hours to get more Rock History down and be done in time for me to get back to Bunn. It was just Jack and me this time and believe me, there is PLENTY for us to do! There’ a shit ton of vocals to work on. I still have at least 5 more songs to sing the lead on, not to mention backgrounds (which we’re hoping to be joined by the others on). This day we tacked one I had been kind of dreading. Jack set up the SM7 (great mic BTW!...the one Michael Jackson used!) so I could subject him to all sorts of nasty screams and caterwauling, not to mention some very un-Terry-like lyrics. “I’m Your Radio” is a cool and “groovy” tune that’s lyrically inspired by a line in the Keith Christopher Yayhoos song “For Crying Out Loud”. In it, he sings about that “little radio” she carries deep down in her soul. I’m just expounding on the idea with this song, wondering through the possibilities of what that “radio” really is inside of us. I know, it sounds crazy but that’s really what’s behind the song. I’m not gonna go apologizing for it (like The Who did for “Who’s Next”) because it means something to me. It fits in great with the rest of the songs too; all which have a “summer” feel to them. This one will eventually be sung to the top of your lungs, with the top down, volume wide ass open, even though it may not make a lot of sense initially. We got our work done before 7pm and I left there feeling a lot better about that song and the others I’m dreading to sing. This WILL be our best record, no doubt.
The snow finally came and it was perfect for snowman-making on Saturday. Nathan got off of my computer long enough go outside and surprise the hell out of us with the beginnings of another “Mr.T” snow creature;

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Much love to Bob Davis (of the BOBZILLA link to your left) for winning TOUR ACCOUNTANT of the YEAR for his work this past year with Coldplay and R.Kelly. As I said to him on FB, it’s hard to believe that his tour-dude career began with tuning a few guitars for David Enloe in The Fab Knob days.

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