Monday, February 01, 2010

block fish

There’s a commercial on TV for Long John Silver’s that just reminded me of something I used to like to eat at the cafeteria. No matter which one in town that I went to, K&W or K&S, there it was up on the board. Along with the all the vegetables, kooky salads, baked spaghetti’s, liver and onions, San Francisco Chicken (WTF?), or some other too salty entrée, a featured favorite was always…BLOCK FISH. Block fish is exactly what? Well, I always tried imagining how it was them things were caught. It’s a square fish, so which side has the mouth? I guess they were caught in a net. That’s all I could figger. What bugged me almost more than the title BLOCK FISH though was the fact that they gave you a choice of slaw or tarter sauce, not both. Cheap bastards! At least the jalapeno cornbread was good enough to make you forget about the one you didn’t get. Block fish? Who come up up wid that?
Speaking of commercials, the Charlie Daniels GEICO commercial is about the best one that’s been out in a long long while…”That’s how ya do it, son!”
And a quick note to advertisers, if your commercial is LOUDER or has a more annoying spokesperson than the others, uhhh…you will be MUTED or turned! Just sayin’…

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