Friday, January 29, 2010

they were and they are...

So last weekend Jack and I (and Greg) were playing the show with our friend Debra DeMilo who used to be singer in our band, The Fabulous Knobs. In honor of our “reunion” with her my wife wore her shirt from back in the day. It’s always been a big seller, black with hot pink cursive writing “THE FABULOUS KNOBS” with “Live Sex” just underneath. On women the writing goes perfectly across their breasts. At the bar, Grace strikes up a conversation with some dude and as they part he points at her shirt and says “They are… by the way!” Obvious to any other dude, he was clearly talking about her boobs. But Grace, without thinking says “You should’ve seen’m back in the day!” See, she thought he was talking about the band but…hooo boy!
Anyway, they were and they are….


Anonymous said...

What no photo??

Anonymous said...

..“You should’ve seen’m back in the day!”

Ba dum'dumm CHSSSSS!

CLASSIC- Play that lady a rimshot, Mr. drummer man!


James said...

Smile, Keep my mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Rock Star,
The first time I met Bob and Sherry, Sher was wearing that shirt.

I had no knowledge of the band of that name at that time.

And you'll recall: They were Fabulous back in the day.