Saturday, January 09, 2010

I’ve always had some stupid dreams. I’ve also had UN-stupid dreams, i.e.: The night before 9/11, I dreamed about a plane flying down 5th Ave. The dream I had last night has to take the cake though. I dreamed I had a turd in my hand. Yep. A turd, and I was at the mall (whatever mall you can imagine) looking for a bathroom. On every floor, every bathroom I went to, all were occupied or being serviced by the janitorial crew. So I was desperate. And the more that I search, the more oblivious I am to the turd and the next thing I knew it was on TOP of my hand…with a paper towel over it. Let it be known, that at the beginning, the paper towel was under the turd in the palm of my hand and NOW it’s on TOP, huh? So anyway, my (God rest her soul) mom calls and I miss the call and when I call the number back some black rapper dude answers and I can’t figger out why he won’t let me talk to my mom. Eventually, I get rid of the turd and I’m all freaked out and washing my hands like a fiend. I remember hearing my mom’s voice in the dream, not sure she ever heard mine though.


Fish Camp Barbie said...

Well, that is weird. Thanks for sharing.

Reminds me of my aunt, the most sophisticated of the bunch, that one was at a party and had a "floater" when she used the bathroom. Flush after flush, it just wouldn't go down. She was mortified and finally resorted to grabbing it, wrapping it up in toilet paper and putting it in her purse. Not sure how long she stayed at the party after the incident.

Anonymous said...

I like you too much to even ATTEMPT to 'interpret'.

That one would give FREUD nightmares.

But I think even he'd tell you,
Sometimes a turd IS, just a turd.

PS-whatever you snacked on last, before bed-? you might want to cross off the list, in the future.
I'm just sayin.

william said...

Well I gotta say... dreams are usually rooted in past experience so you must have had some real GOOD ones!

Anonymous said...

terry come back!