Friday, December 04, 2009

more smooth jazz...

Well, here it is Friday and I’m just getting around to discussing the events from Monday night. Another great night in Rock history, Dave, Jack and I laid down 2 MORE rhythm tracks for next OakTeam record, now with the working title; “More Smooth Jazz and Sweet Sweet Jams” (or “sweet sweet jams” for short). First I showed’m “Gambled and Lost”, a cross between an older Big Star feel and a Keef Richards solo record tune. It’s about not only how stupid gambling is but how none of us can really avoid it and how everything we do in our lives is a gamble from the time we git outta bed. It’s pretty rockin’ despite its quirky arrangement. Next we worked on “Your Sweetness is my Weakness” or “Sweetness” for short. This one has a Mats feel with even a little “hummy” part in it. It's cool going to the “4” for the Chorus too. So now what? With 17 rhythm tracks in hand, I guess its time to get down to bidness! Monday night, if things go as planned I’ll go over and sing a somewhat listenable “scratch vocal” on everything. Gregory (Bronco 2) has a lot of catching up to do with piano and organ stuff. Dave has tons of acoustic and electric guitar overdubs. Jack has bass parts to rethink and I have not only percussion to think about but lyrics to “doll up” and final vocals to do. Think about it, 17 songs. That could take a while. I’m not certain they’ll all make the final cut though, especially since I continue to write every day (like yesterday’s cool Beach Boys type thingy), and may want to drop one of these for something newer/better. It’s all part of the process that makes it so fun!

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