Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dassa Bullshit!!!

(not for the children!)

I’m here to tell you that the town of Bunn, North Carolina can kiss my lily white ass! We were a little late paying the water bill this month due to the fact that no one is interested in making their houses beautiful during the holidays, so I haven’t worked. We have only been late paying this always waaaaay too high bill maybe twice, resulting in an $8 late fee which wasn’t a problem at the time. So this time I received a notice saying that I could wait and pay both December and January’s bill by the 15th of NEXT month, which is what I was gonna do. It said right on the damn bill “Due date 1/15/10…$159” (crazy high, huh? What do they think this is New Mexico?), so I sez “cool, I’ll just wait and maybe someone will want a room painted or something between now and then”. I’m on the phone this morning, happen to look out and the son of a bitch is out there with the water key gonna cut off the water. “Wait a damn minute! Let me show you something”. So I show him the bill clearly saying that the due date was 1/15/10. “Well, you gotta take that up with the town, I’m just the field guy, I’ll come back later” he says. I go up to town hall thinking there’s gotta be a mistake. When I get up there, not only wouldn’t they back off but they charged me another $30 for sending Dumbass out there to cut it off! So to keep my water on I had to give them this month’s water bill due PLUS that, $112.89!! “Well, we can’t change the bill” What in the HELL does that mean? Why did you even send the last notice to me? I know the water gets cut off by the 25th if not paid in full, so why did I get a bill saying I could pay them both on the 15th of next month? Dassa bullshit!! I scraped up $111 and gave it to them and stormed out. I went straight from there to the town manager’s house. I showed her how confusing the bill was and she agreed. She called town hall but they said they couldn’t do anything about it. So I’m out an extra $30 because they sent me a bullshit bill. Kiss my ass, Bunn! The sooner I get outta this hick-ass place, the better!

...Oh did mention; the water is currently condemned so we can't DRINK it. We still have to go out and buy bottled water.

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