Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas card list

So here it is the 22nd of December already and once again I’ve made no effort to send out those little cards with the purty, snowy and/ or religious pictures on’m ,with my wishes for an awesome to the MAX Christmas inside. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I’ve thought about them in time. It always seems to sneak up on me, and usually I get to see many of my close friends at my birthday party every Christmas anyway, so we exchange hugs and happy wishes then, but how about those folks outside of the 13th happiest state in the Union? I need to send love to them to right? OK, so let’s go, along with my local friends and fans (one in the same) I’d like to put an imaginary Christmas card in the mailboxes of those in other states and other countries. I love and miss you all. This includes first of all, them other Yayhoos boys, Roscoe, Dan and Keith. I look very much forward to rockin’ with y’all again in the coming year! The merriest of Christmas’ also goes out to my fellow Dinkies, Big Al Anderson, Jim Chapdelane and Michael Rhodes (when we gonna make that record?). I’d also like to send out love to the families of writers John Holcomb and Nick Cristiano, you guys have been great support and have kept me from giving up for years now. Look in your imaginary mailboxes too clubowners, especially Cindi at The Beachland (Cleveland) and Ron in Wapak, you guys have not only given us great gigs to play but have also become really good friends. Then I think about all of the other bands and artists we know or have played with and wanna send love to them, folks like Robbie Fulks, Peter Holsapple, Scott Miller, Andy York, Brad Rice, Chip Robinson, Colin and them boys in Watershed, Javy and the guys in Sugar Mountain (Spain), Phil Wolff and the gang from Mallorca, Scott (“Gold Coins!” ) Luallen and Nine Pound Hammer, The (very) Incredible Casuals, and whoever else I missed that knows I love them. We also received help this year from Temple Ray in Texas, the non-stop pot smoking lady who’s house we stayed at in Austin, DJ Mike Elliott, INVALUABLE engineering from Jonathan Lowery, stupid-awesome art direction from Paul Friedrich, videographer Steve Boyle, Mastering genius Brent Lambert, Frank and the gang at Burnside Distribution, Dave at Great Big Island, we love and appreciate you all so much! And then there’s the list of fans, whew boy! I KNOW I’m gonna forget about 50 or so of them and get them really mad at me but how about this, here’s a list of just a FEW of the fans we love, please don’t feel slighted if your name’s not on there. We still love you and yes, you get an imaginary card too, even though you’ve TEMPORARILY slipped my mind:
Linda and Dave in Columbus, Florence and Will in Cleveland, Samantha and Cousin Dave in Cleveland, Randy L. and his family in Ohio, Tom Compton in Ill., Ray in Delaware, The Trudes in Va., Ken McCarthy, Heidi and Ray Ray in Somers, Ct., Eric Hartline, David Huijzer, Gerben and Roland in The Netherlands, Michael McDonald in Victoria, Australia, Victor Rocha and Tim Watts in Cali, Peaches in NY, Tomas, Stefan and them other nutballs from Sweden, Mick and a LOOOONG list of folks from the UK, whoever bought our record in Uruguay, Japan and South Africa, AAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Fuuuggetaboutit!!!Too many to name!!!!
How about…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to EVERYBODY!!!
…from Me and The OAKTeam (who will also get an imaginary card from Me!)


Anonymous said...

Much Love back, ya'll

crimmins said...

merry christmas right back at 'cha from your loud mouth fans from Michigan (the 58th happiest state). we are looking forward to your new CD in the new year. be well and raise hell!

Carina said...

Who do I gotta blow to get a Christmas card?????

Just kidding. It must be this Seagram's VO from 1966 talking.

Love ya, mean it, see ya Terrymas Night,

Javi said...

Love back from across the big pond for you Terry!... very much looking forward to have you here back soon.

Sugar Mountain

Mike Elliott said...

Terry Christmas back at ya - and all y'all and yer family, and yer dad'n'em...

I got the rekkid in the mail yesterday - woohoo! It's the first 4-song 7" I've owned since the Stones "Hot Stuff" promotional thingy - good comp'ny!

halfpear said...

Thanks TA, it was a pleasure to play with the OAK Team on the Mott song. More in 2010, please, sir.

Anonymous said...

Hey T! Lots of love back from Holland, it's freezing cold here, lots of snow, so a perfect excuse to have half a bottle of red each night!
Have a great birthday and wish you a merry Xmas!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mr Anderson from all of us overhere in Holland! and i must say it's purty to see myself in one of your infamous lists... Take care, lots a love, Roland, Berrel, Alie and Mauro

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

A big hug and happy birthday greetings from Stockholm, Sweden.


Anonymous said...

omg! I'm on the list!! Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday and Happy New Year to you too, TA!!
love and miss you and the yayhoos
~peaches in ny